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About us

Who we are


Created in 2011, SPYGEN is a French biotechnology company specialising in molecular ecology. SPYGEN is a spin off from the Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine (LECA; CNRS – Université Grenoble 1 – Université Savoie Mont Blanc), a pioneer in the development of biodiversity monitoring methods based on environmental DNA (eDNA). LECA and SPYGEN have produced numerous innovations in this field, with 6 patents and more than 50 scientific publications on eDNA. Since its creation, SPYGEN has striven continually to improve the diversity and performance of the eDNA expertise offered, with an experienced team and with the support of many scientists and institutional partners worldwide.

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Our team

Founders & colleagues

Dr Tony Dejean

Co-founder, Chairman

As chairman of the SPYGEN company since its foundation, Tony Dejean is responsible for business management and strategy. He is an ecological engineer and has a PhD in molecular ecology. He is specialised in the monitoring of aquatic ecosystems and actively participates in research and conservation projects in this field.

Dr Alice Valentini

Co-founder, Research officer

Alice Valentini has a PhD in molecular ecology and is responsible for the implementation and follow-up of research projects. Since 2005, she has contributed to the development of biodiversity monitoring approaches based on eDNA. She is specialised in the use of new sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools.

Coline Gaboriaud

Laboratory and Quality Manager

Coline Gaboriaud joined SPYGEN in 2012 after a Masters degree in “Genetics and biodiversity management” and a Postgraduate degree (DESS) in the “Management of wildlife and habitats”. She is currently responsible for the Laboratory department and the Quality approach.

Anaïs Guichard

Financial and Administrative Officer

With an undergraduate degree in “Financial and Agencies Management” and 8 years working in an accounting firm, Anaïs Guichard joined SPYGEN in 2016. She is in charge of administrative and financial management.

Pauline Jean

Project leader

With two Masters degrees, in “Ecology, evolution and biometry” and in “Knowledge, management & development of inland aquatic spaces”, Pauline Jean joined the SPYGEN team in 2014. She is currently a project leacder in the Service department.

Jonathan GRONDIN

Project leader

With two Masters degrees in “Marin Biology and Ecology”, in “Fonctional Ecology”, and eight year's experience as marin biologist in an engineering office, Jonathan GRONDIN joined the SPYGEN team in 2017. He is currently a project leacder in the Service department.


Project Leader

With a Master degree in “Territorial management and local development" and 2 years of experience in natural space management associations, Eléa ROSTAING joined SPYGEN in 2019 as Project Manager in the Customer Service departments.

Tristan MILHAU

Project Leader

Tristan MILHAU holds a master's degree in "Contaminants in aquatic environments" and joined SPYGEN in 2018 as a project manager in the R&D department .


Project Leader

With a Master degree in «Geography» and a Certificate in « GIS for Environmental Management », Pierre Jorcin joined SPYGEN en 2019, and is currently head of projects on the global biodiversity monitoring program. He is specialized in spatial data administration and modeling, with experience on sustainable development and nature conservation in environmental consulting firms, digital technology providers, NGOs, and international organizations.

Dr Benjamin Linard

Research Officer

With a Phd in Bioinformatics and after 6 years of research in the United Kingdom and France, Benjamin joined SPYGEN in 2019. He is specialized in algorithm and software developments and worked on projects related to evolutionary genomics, environmental DNA and biodiversity exploration.



Aurélie CHAUVET joined SPYGEN in 2017 after a two-year diploma in “Bio-engineering”, a Bachelors degree in "Vegetal Biotechnology" and eleven years’ experience in genetic and agronomic laboratory. She is technician in the Laboratory department.



Pauline REBOURG joined SPYGEN in June 2018 after a BTS, a professional degree in Biotechnology and 2 years' experience in hematology and molecular biology laboratories. She is technician in the Laboratory department.



Chloé RAVIER joined SPYGEN in 2020 after a Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences with a major in Environmental Chemistry, a DUT in Biological Engineering with a major in Biological and Biochemical Analysis and 1 year of professional experience as a microbiology technician in a food analysis laboratory. She is technician in the Laboratory department.

Scientific committee

Dr Claude Miaud

Claude Miaud is a research director at the Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE). He is specialised in the monitoring of amphibian populations. Since 2007, he has taken part in the development of aquatic biodiversity monitoring methods using eDNA, with a particular focus on sampling strategies.

Christian Miquel

Christian Miquel is a CNRS engineer. He is specialised in DNA analysis from complex matrices. He has been involved, since 2013, in the development of a new genotyping approach allowing genetic profiles from rare and degraded DNA to be performed through the use of Next Generation Sequencing technologies.

Philosophy & Commitment


“Our primary objective is to provide innovative technologies that allow better monitoring and protection of biodiversity on a world scale. The development of our company is based on a model of sustainable enterprise through which the benefits generated by commercial activities enable the financing of research and conservation projects for key species and ecosystems.”

Tony DEJEAN, Chairman


Since its creation, SPYGEN has been committed to a quality approach that enables the reliability of the provisions offered, as well as the constant enhancement of its services. For this purpose, SPYGEN has a quality management system, a team made up of experts carrying out in the environmental DNA (eDNA)  analyses, and a 200 m² technological platform specifically developed to meet the requirements associated with eDNA analysis.

SPYGEN is certified ISO 9001 since 2016.

Certified B Corporation®

Since 2018, SPYGEN has been certified B Corporation®. This international certification, issued by the NGO B Lab®, is based on the company’s social and societal performance, but also on its commitment to transparency and accountability. The B Corp™ community now brings together more than 2300 companies around the world who, through their values and business models, want to use their financial performance to resolve societal issues. Through the development of its technologies and its involvement in numerous conservation programs, SPYGEN has naturally set itself the mission of improving the monitoring and conservation of biodiversity at a global scale.


Scientific partners

Institutional partners