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SPYGEN is a service and research laboratory specialising in the monitoring of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity using environmental DNA (eDNA)

As a pioneer in the field of environmental DNA (eDNA) analyses, SPYGEN is at the origins of the development of VigiDNA expertise. These innovative technologies, based on searching for traces of DNA in the environment, enable the improved monitoring of rare or secretive species and are intended to reinforce ecological surveillance operations on a world scale. SPYGEN provides analyses services for the study of biodiversity based on water, soil, honey or faeces samples. These expertises are offered by ecology and eDNA professionals brought together within the VigiDNA network. With a commitment to constantly enhance the technologies offered and to make them available in support of initiatives for the protection of key species or remarkable ecosystems, SPYGEN has developed a department dedicated to research and conservation activities.

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VigiDNA Network

The professionals of environmental DNA

Created in 2016 by SPYGEN, the VigiDNA network gathers consultancy agencies which want to perform « environmental DNA » expertise as part of their missions. This network aims to unite all members around shared commitments and to ensure the quality of the performed services and its international standardization.


How to reach us?

17, rue du Lac Saint-André
Savoie Technolac - BP 274
73375 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex
France (map it)

+33(0)4 79 26 15 83

contact *AT* spygen *DOT* com

savoie technolac

Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions and quotes request.

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