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VigiDNA S analyses

VigiDNA S analyses, based on the eDNA Barcoding approach, enable detection of the presence of rare or secretive species from water. 



Detection of a target species in aquatic ecosystem

VigiDNA S analyses are currently proposed for the monitoring of 9 aquatic species. For sampling, SPYGEN provides its customers sampling kits and also offers training sessions. For every other request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Rhône streber
    Zingel asper

  • European pond turtle
    Emys orbicularis

  • Louisiana 
    Procambarus clarkii

  • American bullfrog
    Lithobates catesbeianus

  • Weather loach
    Misgurnus fossilis

  • Common spadefoot
    Pelobates fuscus

  • Great crested newt
    Triturus cristatus

  • Marbled newt
    Triturus marmoratus

  • African clawed toad
    Xenopus laevis