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VigiDNA M analyses

VigiDNA M analyses, based on the eDNA Metabarcoding approach, are used for the monitoring of key taxonomic groups in aquatic ecosystems, for diet analysis or the study of plant composition from honey.




Monitoring of taxonomic groups in aquatic ecosystem

VigiDNA M analyses are currently proposed for the monitoring of 4 target taxonomic groups. For sampling, SPYGEN provides sampling kits and also offers training sessions. For any other request, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Amphibians

  • Fish (Téléosteans)

  • Mammals

  • Bivalves

Diet analysis from faeces

Diet analyses offered by SPYGEN enable all taxa ingested by the studied animal (plants and vertebrates) to be inventoried. For the collection of faeces, SPYGEN provides sampling kits.

  • Plants

Analysis of plant composition from honey

VigiDNA M analyses enable the assessment of which plant taxonomic groups (family, genus, specie) were foraged for honey production. They can be performed from honey directly collected in the hive or after harvest and packaging.